Monday, 8 October 2012

Fitter Me : Healthy Indian Snacks!

I am starting a new series :Fitter Me to inculcate a sense of fitness and lose weight.I will post exercises,diet and rules that help me to lose weight :) And Believe me I have lost a LOT of weight dng those exercises and diet ;) Hope u guys benefit from these :) I will try to do a post atleast once a week but no promises :) So this is a random compilation of snacks I love and are low in calories and nutritious too :)


Dates: Dates have lesser calories than ur Jalebis and Rasagullas and satisfy ur sweet cravings too :) Strawberries have lesser calories than dates but I can't find strawberries in all the seasons ;)


Chivda : Ahhh I use Cardia Extra Virgin Olive Oil for my cooking and use 4 tsps max for making chivda :) It is a healthier version but be vigilant on the salt as too much leads to water retention :)


Peanuts: I never liked peanuts pehle.But now I have developed a liking.It is a great snack and the fat it has is Unsaturated fatty acid which is actually good for us :)It lowers bad cholestral.


 Khakhras: Who doesn't love these?? They are crispy,yummy and perfect replacements for those bag of nachos.Try making at home.U can find a lot of recipes on youtube.
If u r lazy and want to buy them U can get these in various versions at :
Mansukh's in Ramasamy Street near the new flyover on the Usman Road in T.nagar
The street is opposite to the Wine Shop in Dhandapani street.


Roasted Chana Dal :We call it uppu kadalai in Tamil.It tastes so good :) 

Also If u guys want to indulge once in a while u can get the Alive Multigrain Thins which has 232 calories in a single 15Rs. packet :\

Toss those packets of Lays and Kurkures and Hug these healthy replacements :)

Please share ur healthy snacking options and ur opinions on this post :)



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