Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Did I haul???Oh yea Baby!!

Call me capricious!Call me whimsical!But it's good to blog now that I have been relieved of my "duties" ;) And I hauled some for diwali and some for my skincare.Here is some insight into my makeup haul :wink: (btw I need to install those set of adorable smileys.even if u guys don't comment I would still have fun incorporating them into my posts :P )

I realised I have been buying more of lipsticks than blushes :O So I hoarded 4 of them...3 from Inglot and 1 from faces.


The blushes are :

  • Inglot no.27 Powder Blush
  • Inglot AMC no.58 Powder Blush
  • Inglot no.32 Powder Blush
  • Faces Powder Blush in Crimson

The skincare stuff :

  • Fab-India Depigmentation cream
  • Vedic Line Sandalwood and Turmeric Moisturizer
  • Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie
I got the Vedic Line Fig and Honey moisturizer free.I also got nivea cream(blue tin) and Ponds cold cream but didn't take their snaps.The nivea cream is awesome :) Will post the Winter skincare by tomo :) And Watermarking is helluva job :(

So which Blush do u want me to review first?? :makeup: :makeup: (invisible smileys :P ) :wink :wink: :P


  1. I loved the Inglot refills blushes especially 58 and 32.:)
    Gorgeous and very natural colors.

  2. pretty blushes !! heard that fab india vit e cream is fab ! let me know ur opinion :)

  3. 32 was a not a very gud choice for me :\ But 58 is so pretty :)

  4. Thank u yar :) Yea will do :)

  5. Wow!! That's a lovely haul! hey, did you order the blushes online? I can't wait to see the swatches of all of them!!
    I am going gaga over veidcline! Where did you order your stuff from? I want a free gift too especially, if it's vedicline!
    Cpuld you please review these two as well.
    I loved the Nivea creme too! ( until I found my Elovera Cream)

  6. Thanks yar :) Yeah cuz I didnt want to waste money on d palette :P
    Mine is from healthkart :) yeah will post the swatches and reviews soon ;)
    Does elovera work for dry(sumtyms very dry) skin??

  7. Same feelings!! I have always wanted to do a haul from them, but either I didn't want the palette, or I had blushes stocked up. So, never managed to get them through :(
    Aha, Shall order my vedicline goodies again from healthkart!
    Elovera works on any skin actually.It even cures psoriasis. I have a review if you want to check it out in case. I would say, you should give it a try since it's inexpensive

  8. Hehe :P Tats y I never even peeked inside their store here.This tym I was day dreamin abt d blushes evn during exams so had to get them :P
    Hehe :P do tat but sum r duds from reviews :\
    Oh wow will check out ur review Nivi :) Will try it!Thanks for d tip :)

  9. LOL. Hey, tis' the season to haul. Pretty colors on the blush.



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