Friday, 2 December 2011

Colorbar Nail Laquer-25

I got this for FREE! FREE! FREE! when I got the Colorbar Concealer :D :D
My sister selected the shade 25-Exclusive.

It is a caramel brown colour. It goes on smooth. I used only one coat and it stayed for 2 and half days nearly wit No peeling!!
So which shades u have ?? :) Do u lyk this shade??


  1. Cool, now I know how you got a np. your are not np person right? so one more question. why u changed the name?

  2. Yeah :D hehehe :P I lyk this name :P u don lyk??shall I change it back??

  3. No I like it. keep it. which concealer did you get pencil or the pot? how is it?

  4. The Stick...perfectly matches my skintone..lykin it :) Coverage is medium :) will review soon :)

  5. A warm shade.. It will be good base for a Nail Art.. Nice Short & Sweet Review.. &
    Thanks for following my blog..



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