Friday, 9 December 2011

Review of!!

So I ordered NYX Cream Blush in Tea Rose from :) I had placed the order on Friday:2/12/2011.
They sent a confirmation mail immediately and mentioned they would ship within 4-6 working days(mon-fri).
Then on Sat they mailed me saying they have shipped my order.
They provide free shipping for purchases above Rs.300 !
I expected them to mail me specifying the day I would receive my goods but I didn't receive :|
On tuesday The Bluedart guy called me up and confirmed my address and I received my goods on Wednesday.
I wish they could have called before coming that day.
But I am happy with the packaging :) And since I had ordered for above 500 I got a surprise gift :) It turned out to be a Nail Filer from Faces and priced at Rs.65 :)
The blush was carefully wrapped in a bubble wrap and lots of thermocols were placed over and around the wrap :)

Incidentally I received a mail from them saying that They could not ship due to unclear shipment address :@ a day after I received my goods!
This really irritated me but am overall satisfied with their services :)
They provide discounts on certain products and a variety of brands and products are on display :) 
It is a good shopping option when we are too busy for real time shopping :)

Click HERE to buy products from the site:)


  1. The blush looks gorgeous. As you said their services have gone down now. don know why? But their boxes are the best to reuse. I have never seen any online shopping giving such beautiful boxes :)

  2. Tea Rose is a nice blush :) enjoy ur purchase hun :)

  3. You are lucky.. u got an useful nail filer.. but i got a facewash from Lotus Jojoba facewash as a suprise guft.. Oops it turns my skin too oily..

  4. Yea I must agree :\ And I loved their holds my blushes now :P

  5. It is beautiful :) ANdam planning on Glow and natural :P Thanks:)

  6. Oh I don use nail filers..I don grow nails :P But Jojoba facewash is my HG facewash as I have dry skin :D Guess They culd have swapped the free gifts :P

  7. hi raga..first time here..and liking it :)

  8. Oooh! I bought the one in golden and I loved it!
    Hows yours? :)
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. Yeah am loving it :) will review it soon:)

  10. The blush looks sooooo pretty! i really loved it! joined you by gfc ! :)

  11. I love this blush <3




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