Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Haul !!

Sorry for the delay in the post! This tym it wasn’t my laziness but the memory card which got corrupted :( It’s a long story :P

Now for the haul, I got 2 lipsticks :
·       Lakme lip love in Rose Kissed
·       Revlon Colorburst in Peach

I got the Lakme true wear nail color in N23 free :D

Also I ordered some books from :) Their customer service is laudable ;) Wish other online shopping sites would look up to them :)

 This is my haul in all :) I could have got more stuff at the cost of the 2 lippies but I wanted to possess them :P


  1. oohh, nice, Pls mention the book names, what is that white one?? the pics are blurred. Anyway, I wont be needing books for months to come.. Reading ponniyin selvam series. I have just started the first book, 4 more to go. Once I finish I will ask your revviews on these books and get them :P

  2. Oh sorry its cuz my cam is nt proper :| The old pics were gud but gt del:(The white 1 is I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh :D Yeah sure :) U can start with The Shiva Trilogy :)

  3. Love to see the shades of lippies..:)

  4. Nice haul dear.... its long since i read books...

    im following u... do visit my blog

  5. @Vertu:Will post the swatches soon :)

    @Deepu:Thanks :) yeah wil do :)



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