Tuesday, 14 January 2014

L'oreal Kajal Magigue Review and Swatches!

Did u watch Sex and City 2 ? The scene where Sarah Jessica Parker wears kohl before rushing to meet her ex-flame ? That was the only moment I hated Kohl on a woman.But, I sighed at the intensity of the kajal that could save me minutes of office makeup. L'oreal launced the Kajal Magigue and here is for you to decide if it is the one ;)

L'oreal kajal magigue is a plastic twist up-down pencil. It has a black body with a pink rim at the middle. For reasons unknown I find the packaging a lil tacky. Comes with the price tag of Rs.245/-.

The kajal feels soft and creamy but not soft as attitude kajal which literally melts. Does not tug and glides smoothly over the waterline/upper lashline.

The shade is black (wat else?) but not jet black. The pigmentation is okayish types and needs to be built up. After several swipes I do get the intensity I want but I seriously wish L'oreal concentrated more on the pigmentation front. And thank god for the color is pure black and not greyish black like Lakme.

Does not feel heavy on the eyes or irritate the eyes.

I apply several swipes and it lasts throughout the day like 10-11 hours on my waterline (AC/non AC). But do remember I use several swipes so that the kohl does not fade on me.

The kajal is definitely waterproof  and smudgeproof. It takes a few seconds to set after which it hardly smudges even after washing my face. I can remove it only with oil.


If u do not prefer harsh black lines on ur eyes or mind spending a few extra seconds to build up ur kajal intensity then this is a good choice for the price range.

Would give it 3.5 out of 5.(-1 for the pigmentation and -.5 for the packaging)

Disclaimer : Product Sent by Brand for Consideration. My opinions are honest swear to God ;)

P.s: I am still lusting over Lakme Absolute Kohl :D and the L'oreal Million volume lashes mascara. Some1 plz convince me to get them :P

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