Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Currently Loving! July edition!

Though I literally disappeared from the beauty blogging scene for sometime now I have been using makeup as a ritual to office everyday :) It does not matter that most of it vanishes before I set foot into my office ;)

So what am I liking a lot these days??

Go on have a look at the shots :

Color Color which Color do u choose from the blush palette?? I would so love to use all these shades at the same time but oh well I am not auditioning for clown fiesta :D

I can call R6 the safest color of the lot that stains the cheeks a rosy pink shade that looks Au natural :)


Also loving the Colorbar Lip pot in Cherry Pop and Avon Fresh Rose lipstick from the Simply Pretty range :) The cherry pop gives a lovely tint on sheer application and Fresh Rose is a young shade of sorts. Gives enough brightness to wake u up but not to the level where u get stared at in a berating way. The Biotique bio color lipstick in Bamboo is a pretty coral pink shade that a coral loving gal like me has got to own :)

I have been taking the Nutrilite supplement from Amway for over a month now and the results are clearly visible on my skin :) Skin looks brighter!

Like the Lakme eyeconic kajal but I so wanna try the Absolute kohl :) I also got this eye groomer brush from H & G and love how my lashes look defined and fluttery with a single swipe of the lash comb! Hats off to Wayne Goss for the tip ;)


  1. which make this that blush palette is from? I love the shades..

    1. Customised 5 blush palette from Kryolan Shikha :) U can check out this post for details :)




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