Monday, 12 August 2013

Biotique Bio Color Lipstick in Bamboo Review and Swatches! And No its not a Green!

Who names a lipstick bamboo ?? Seriously! Bamboos are green and have u guys ever seen a gal wearing green lip color ?? Not even the zombies ;) Zombies have grey/blue or even red lips with all the blood dripping down their disfigured faces. But let's say the guy/gal who named this lipstick bamboo was in love with bamboos as I am! Bamboos have a drugged effect on me. They remind me of dense green forests and Kerala! And maybe he/she loved this lip color with a fierceness that the creative team decided to name it Bamboo :)

Ahem Ahem :)
  • The lipstick comes in  a black case which is practical and sturdy but not chic. They could have given more thought to the packaging.
  • The biotique bio color lipsticks are priced at Rs.225/- 
  • Bamboo is an innocent coral pink similar to Maybelline Coral pink but less vibrant. It is like the shy cute sister which every guy wants to get to know ;)
  • The texture is not exactly creamy but glides without tugging.
  • Would accentuate dry flakes so exfoliation and moisturizing with baby lips prior to application will help u not curse the lipstick for the color is too pretty for that.
  • Has a vanilla-plastic mixture kinda smell that vanishes a few minutes after application.
  • Sets to a matte finish but not drying.It exudes a slight glossiness initially. I go over with my chapstick after application.
  • Staying power is less for a matte finish lipstick. The average wear time I got was 3 hours. It fades to a tint after food.

The second one from left is the bamboo one and the one next to it is Maybelline Coral Pink :)  Though they look the exact shade in the hand swatches, Bamboo is less intense and more wearable :)

If u already own the maybelline one u need not necessarily get this shade. But it is a coral pink that would suit fair-medium skin amazingly well :)
Image source for the bamboo tress : Google

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