Saturday, 17 August 2013

Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick in MAT4 Review!

Pure Matte lipsticks make me run away screaming for mercy! My lips cannot survive the Sahara desert texture of the matte lipsticks. Add bold colors to that and I find my recipe of disaster ;)

I was so apprehensive of trying out the bold matte lipsticks but one swipe and I was sold out.

The bold matte lipsticks come in 5 shades from MAT 1 to MAT 5 and are priced at Rs.375/-. Internationally they have been assigned names. The one I got for review MAT 4 is bestowed with "Vivid Coral". But MAT 4 is anything but coral. It is a reddish orange shade that looks very bright on my fair skin.The brightness is not the garish sort.More of a punch of color. Due to being a warm shade this one will be a winner across all Indian skin colors :) Colorbar Creme Touch lipstick in Tangerine is less intense and more orangish while Inglot 37 is more reddish :)

The packaging is similar to the colorsensational ones but classy with the top cover being a matte reddish pink.The colorsensational ones I own have loads of scratches all over but I doubt that would occur with these. Also the typical caramel smell is absent in the bold mattes.Thumbs up for that!

These are not true matte lipsticks. More of a semi matte with a smooth texture that just glides over the lips.The Super stay lipsticks had a hard texture that tugged a lot and were damn drying.The bold matte lipsticks are hydrating and perfect for gals who are unsure but still hold a desire to try matte lipsticks. :)The pigmentation is good.A single swipe is suffice for my lips.

The lipstick stayed put even after I finished watching 3 back to back movies. I would say the average lasting power would be between 4-5 hours :)

U can check out the details of the range at :

I am in love with the texture and finish of the Bold matte lipsticks. MAT 4 is a bright reddish orange shade that is oomphalicious. I am already planning to buy MAT1 and MAT2 on my next shopping trip ! U guys got to try these lip colors!

I would rate these 4.5 out of 5 ;)

Disclaimer : Product Sent by brand for Consideration.But my opinions are honest swear to God :)


  1. You watched 3 movies back to back?? :O which ones?

    And I bought Mat2 :D



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