Monday, 23 January 2012

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Review!

First I want to know if  u guys like the new layout of my blog!!  Ter might be lil issues but I am working on changes :)

And here goes the review of one of the most raved about skin care products:Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive skin :)

Price:126 bucks
Availability:Pharmaceutical outlets

Description :

Cetaphil Cleansing lotion is a non soap and lipid free lotion that allows gentle and thorough cleansing without irritation associated with harsh soaps and cleansers.It is specially formulated to be non-drying and non-irritating.Its non-alkaline pH of 6.3-6.5 approximates the normal skin pH and thereby does not disrupt the normal pH balance of the skin.

(phew!!I had to type this out from the package insert!! )

Apply Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion and massage gently.Avoid scrubbing your skin.Rinse with water.

I just take a small amount on a cotton and wipe my face with it.After 30 seconds or so,wash my face :)

It is slightly milky with a consistency that is a cross between liquid and gel!

  • It is mild!A blessing for the dry skinned
  • Not drying.After using this I need not use moisturizer for nearly 20 mins which is definitely something in this winter.
  • It removes so much dirt from my face.I travel long hours everyday and the pollution is terrible.This keeps my face squeaky clean :D
  • It reduces the need of a toner!!
  • Rightly priced as u need a very little amount everytime.
  • My skin feels better after using stretchy feeling,no irritation or stings in the pimple area!

  • I wish it would come in a pump bottle for hygienic reasons
  • Oily skinned would need a stronger cleanser..but u can use it in the night to remove all the dirt ;) damn effective!
  • Not a con but my attitude facewash is even milder and I prefer that over this!

I used it remove my makeup and it was good but my makeup isn't waterproof !!So I tried it on Faces long wear eye pencil which is waterproof(and smudgeproof!! ) . I had to rub the cleanser 4-5 times to completely remove it.So U need to use something else to remove ur waterproof makeup!


4.5 out of 5


Yay!If u r on a journey to find a mild cleanser that leaves ur skin squeaky clean witout drying then u ought to make a stop here :D

P.S:Check out the home page of this blog!! :D


  1. To my cousin dermatologist also referred this one:)

  2. What a classic product. I think it lasted so long because of its price and value. I agree with you that it's an overall great gentle wash, but sure there are better products out there.

  3. I'm loving the new look! It's crisp, clean & spacious. The photo feature on the home page is lovely. 2 thumbs up!

    I've always wanted to try cetaphil, but I think I'll get it next winter as my skin is oily. As for the Himalaya night cream, it's really nice. But since you have dry skin, it might suit you only in summers. But do try it once. And I've reviewed it if you want more info.

  4. i luv dis product !! its ma HG cleanser !!!

  5. @ Siri :Yeah many dermas recommend tis for acne and other skin problems :)

    @GB:Yeah it is a worthy product for sure!!

    @Poohkie: Thank u :D U r d oly 1 who has commented abt it so far!!

    Ohh Yeah try it sumtym :) I already own the night cream ;) Yeah it isn't enuf for d winters :( but its my staple for d summers :)

  6. @Rids :U too have dry skin??

  7. Thanks for the review... Any suggestions for a simple moisturizer for someone with normal to dry skin? I've been reading some good reviews about Parachute's Advanced body lotion recently and plan to try it out.



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