Monday, 2 January 2012

What did u wear for New Year??

Well..I didn't wear any makeup :\ yea..u read it right ;) I am down with severe cold and hence didn't feel like wearing any makeup!!

But I will be happy to know what u guys wore :D I love reading MOTDs :D So do share :)
And I wanted to share a pic of mine wearing NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Rust :)

I just curled my lashes and applied mascara :) I know its nt gr8 but I just felt like sharing :D


  1. Happy New Year,,

    which mascara have u used girl,,looks pretty :)

    and yeah pretty eyes :) :)

    and Its great :) nice that you shared ,,

  2. Happy new Year Namitha :D

    Its attitude volume and thickening mascara from Amway :)

    Hey Thanks actually they are quite small :P

  3. What did u wear for d new year :)

  4. Hi nice, your lashes look long, I hardly have any lashes :) I have jordana jumbo pencil. it is similar to this only. will do review soon :)

  5. Thanks :) Result of genes and Mascara :P Ohh luking forward to it :D



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