Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A little Chat from the Heart!!

Errr..It is beauty related!!

 Yesterday  I was feeling stuffy at home and so decided to pay a visit to H&G (improves my mood a lot!! :P )

I thought of putting on makeup full throttle as it has been days since I wore a blush :| Slapped some moisturizer and put on lil foundation Then I noticed that it looked like an ill fit mask on me! I washed and tried again !Same results.I realized my whole face looked so damn stupid red!And no nothing wrong with the makeup items :D  Irrirated I just removed the makeup and got out of the home!!As I walked on the road I felt uglier with every passing moment :(

It was my UGLY day!

I felt like clawing my face,pulling my hair,and what not ! Even the tinted lipbalm on my lips felt ugly..what can i say??
The more I thought about it the more I hated myself !I focused on my imperfections and cursed myself :|

When I was in school and madly in love ( :P I am still in love but haven't told the guy yet!!Yes am a coward ;) ) I never faced this!But these days I feel uglier than normal!!Like I can't face this world!Do bad relationships(broken friendships and untold love) have effects like this??Yes the emotional part of me is severely bruised :P I don't know!
I feel insecure and my self confidence levels get really down!

And I felt so ugly that I didn't go to H & G!Instead went to a temple :D To be honest am not very religious person but from time to time visit this temple!And boy oh boy did I feel good??

I felt calm!!And then I went to a supermarket and grabbed some chips and popcorn :P And by the time I reached home I felt so much better :) And Today as I look into my reflection I can't find that patch..its vanished :D

I didn't want to brood but I really want to know how u guys deal with ur ugly days!!It will help in sorting myself out :)


  1. lovely post... and i do feel like that on many a days and God does help! :)

  2. I have so many bad hair days that I have lost count.Mostly, a high ponytail with a little bit of gel works. This was a wonderful post.Thank you for your sweet comment. Drop by often :)

  3. superb post !! v well written.. i do feel lyk that on some days...

    1. Thanks Ridhhi :) Guess every goes thru this!!

  4. on my ugly days , I simply keep quite may be sleep a bit and then cook something sinful or order chinese :) :) and then I am happy :) :) then my husband takes me out for a movie as well or we watch some at home :) :)

  5. Its so sweet of u to share something so personal...Doon't worry hun, every1 feels ugly sometime of their life ... N as far as love is concerned everyone shares d same story of not being able to confess their love :D

    Thnx for visitn my blog..M followin u back...U have excellent clarity of thoughts, and I like that..
    Keep In touch
    Keep Smiling ^_^

  6. Everyone has "ugly" days..

    It is way easier to deal with them if you work from home, or are a home-maker / stay at home mom or if the "ugly" day arrives on a holiday :P

    But for those of us who have to go to office / college, it is a bit tough. You can't sit out & sleep through the day. One has to chin up and go through them. I have had "ugly" days on my cousin's wedding functions as well - where I have hated everything about me - clothes, makeup, hair. And there is no way you can escape the function & not greet 101 relatives.

    I personally find them very hard to deal with, I just somehow get through the day & just go home & crash - go to sleep. And hope that I will feel better the next day.

    I also find having a couple of cups of strong coffees help me - the caffeine gives me a high & pretty soon I don't care :P

  7. Sleeping is a gr8 idea Tanveer :D And yes Coffee helps a lot!!

  8. Sleeping is a gr8 idea Tanveer :D And yes Coffee helps a lot!!

  9. Everyone have their ugly days.for me especially bad hair days ..i'm totally miserable to myself and others on those days :p



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