Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lipstick Love : Revlon Colorburst In Peach Review!!

Am obsessed with Peaches and Oranges these days:D And I wanted to try out the Colorburst range from Revlon!

It comes in a classic black packaging with Revlon printed across the center!The lipstick as u can c also contains an engraving of REVLON!!I find it pretty chic :D 

It is a medium peach shade that is devoid of pink or brown undertones!Totally peachish :D
The only drawback is that it is sheer and u need to swipe it thrice (for me) to get the actual color on my lips!
This lipstick is worth d money(580/-) and I am thinking of Soft rose and Blush :D Is more suited for fair complexions.
Its creamier than Lakme lip love and doesn't require a lipbalm underneath! And definitely doesn't emphasize fine lines :)

It works great when paired with soft pink blushes ;) or if u want to go all peach then I recommend the Faces Burnt Sienna blush !


  1. nice review dear,loved the shade <3

  2. i have tried dis
    great for daily wear :)

  3. nice shade really like it.....<3

  4. I have this in blush and its amazing for weddings not to mention these lipsticks photograph amazing !

  5. Wow :D I liked it in the store.Haven't tried for funcs.Peach is more of an everyday color na :D

  6. what a beautiful colour! nice review and good swatch!



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