Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Stylecraze Haul!!

I realized that I have been neglecting skincare!So this tym I got sum skincare stuff :)

I got Neutrogena Ultra Dry Touch Spf 50+,Lotus cocoa lip therapy and Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Metal Brown!!They sent me a sample of Oxy deep clean facewash :) I think it is for men so I am gonna give it to my best friend :P

 And I also got AM mineral glow scrub,Cetaphil Cleanser and Amway Attitude face wash!Sorry about the inverted image :P I tried many times but it didn't work!

I wanted the AM mineral mask but it was out of stock :(


  1. nice haul raaga...... whtz the eye pencil shade???

    1. It is metal brown :) A kind of rustic brown with shimmers :)

  2. Great haul hun =)
    Plz do review the cetaphil cleanser..I have heard a lot about it..Many of the celebs swear by it for their skin care routine...Would love to know your thoughts on the same :)
    n thnx for ur lovely comment ^_^

    The Sweet Life

    1. Thank u :)

      Yeah am just feeling lazy :P But will do it soon :)

      I am in awe of ur poem :D

  3. Awesome haul Raaga. :)

    After seeing you skin care haul, I think I should buy something for my skin too. :)

    Would love to see review of AM mineral glow scrub and Cetaphil Cleanser.



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