Thursday, 5 January 2012

Garnier Roll On Tinted Review!

Let us face it! Under eye circles look good ..errr..Great only on Edward Cullen. But what about us-mere mortals??I definitely luk like Panda (no nt cute:( ).I got this when It was newly introduced. So sorry for the very late review :P
This is my First Concealer.Now  really hate Garnier ads :@..grrrr they manipulate u into buying their good for nothing products :(

I got the shade in Light since the SA suggested so. I regret: It makes my under eye area look greyish like corpse. It is a rather moody sometimes and betrays me other times :| I am yet to figure a proper way with it.
But it is definitely a plus that it doesn’t crease or streak and lasts well for 4 hours nearly in the Chennai heat!
:D :D 
P.S: I gt the colorbar concealer and loving it <3


  1. I bought the regular version and hated it so never bothered about this!

  2. Oh I had used tat 1 too.nt bad!I thot of giving the brand another try but my bad!!

  3. he he, i got saved from this. because they had only two shades. Anyhoo, garnier doesnt work on me :P

  4. oh thnx i was thinking of getting this after lods of postive revws..but i must skip this i think.

  5. I am currently using it.. It works fine!! :)

  6. @Indu: :O :| :P Garnier doesn't work for most ;)

    @FUS:Ohh It works if u find ur shade and are a pro wit concealers :D

    @Ritika:Ohh Lucky gal :)

  7. didn't work for me..use as a eye shadow base at times :p :p

  8. Hehe :P I don wear eyeshadows so its lying unused in my vanity!! sigh!

  9. i have heard so many good stuff about this one but hehehe ur review makes me wana run away from this one if i ever see it :)



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