Monday, 24 December 2012

Blush lust: Inglot Powder Blush in AMC 58 Review and Swatches!

I like saving the best always for the last like I eat my cucumbers last in a salad ;) Now u should connect d ... (dots) and realize I am asserting that Inglot AMC blush in 58 is my favorite :D I like the color red for blushes and wanted to get the Inglot blush no.63 after seeing swatches online.But majorbrands does not offer that shade :( So I  had to settle for this blush.

  • The packaging is d same.Blush in a metal pan placed inside a plastic case.U need a palette if u r not prudent.
  • Retails for Rs. 350/- for 6g.Now that is economical thou I would never hit pan with this :P
  • The color is a beautiful reddish pink.

Single swipe!

  • As it is AMC, the texture is softer than the normal range blushes.And there is substantial fall out.I try not to swirl my brush on the blush as I do with my other blushes.Swirling the brush makes me feel like a youtube guru :P
  • Pigmentation wise it rocks.One swipe is great for that MCBB effect.I have found reddish pink blush works out to be more natural than plain pink ones on me.
  • It has absolutely no shimmers in it :) yay for tat!
  • Staying power is nearly 5 hrs without any foundation underneath.
  • This would work well across most skin tones.
  • I never used to wear blush on an everyday basis.But nowadays Blush has become a must wear sort of thing.It instantly perks up my face and keeps me looking fresh day long :)  

I am in love with the blush so much so I wear it even at home!My mum gives me weird glances but that doesn't matter ;) Please go and get this one for me :D 

Comment below and let me know if u liked this blush :)


  1. Am glad u liked d shade Preetha :)

  2. Nice color, will look great this winter. I have Inglot eyeshadow with AMC 58..:)

  3. This one is my favorite shade blush <3

  4. Gorheous Shade! and even i save my cucumbers for last :p

  5. Hey thanks for the review!!Will definitely get it if I find it here in Japan!!
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  6. Hehe :P U r Inglot crazy I guess :)

  7. Haha Lee guess our tastes match :)

  8. Yea U scour Japan for this :)

  9. It is Prayati :) Glad u like it :)

  10. I wouldn't say "settle." Blush looks great. Good pigmentation is where it got me excited. Color is also nice - rusty yet soft. I'd probably pay for it even.



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