Monday, 14 January 2013

Lipstick Love : Inglot Lipstick Refill no. 37 Review and Swatches!

Colorbar Obsessed Orange hates me!And I can't even hate it back.It is always out of stock when I go shopping :\ 

Anyways, I am experiencing a brand crush over Inglot ;) After the blushes it is time for their lipstick refills and am loving them :)

  • Inglot offers Freedom System on their lipsticks,eyeshadows,brow powders,concealers,blushers and what not! U can try a plethora of shades without going bankrupt.
  • Customized palettes are always a treat and when the quality offered is awesome u r bound to fall in love with the brand ;)

  • The lipstick refill is packed inside a round metal pan placed inside a plastic case.U need a palette if you are going to travel with the refills.Inglot stores make it mandatory to own a palette if u r going to buy refills from them.I prefer ordering them online for

  • Each lipstick refill costs you Rs.250/- which is pricey for a 1.2 g product but most of us never come close to finishing a full tube of lipstick ;) I prefer these high quality less quantity refills.
  • U need a lip brush to apply the color.Or u can make do with fingers.I like my Vega Lip Filler Brush :)
  • Inglot Y u no not name ur pretty lipsticks/blushes/eyeshadows?? But It would be difficult to name so many shades.Some even overlap!
  • This particular shade is a bright orange with red undertones.Just the perfect burst of orange warm skin tones need :)
  • Glides on smoothly.

  • Does not settle into fine lines.
  • Pigementation is high.U need a tiny amount to cover all those *nasty* discolorations :)
  • The finish is glossy which settles after half an hour or so to semi matte on my lips.
  • Does not dry out lips but I still need a lip balm underneath. 
  • It transfers but most lipsticks do except some of the mattes. 
  • Lasts for 5-6 hours on my lips! And after that leaves behind a subtle orange stain :)
  • FYI, the finish of the lipstick depends on the shade.  
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I would urge you to grab some shades from their extensive range.I am definitely hoarding more of these lipsticks :) And this color will be extremely flattering on most skin colors :)


  1. really lovely shade bt not for me..will suits you very well dear....
    Me gonna try some other shade in inglot range :)

  2. i love this kind of orange-y shade. Colorbar obsessed orange is a stunnng shade, it my all time fave. thank you for the nice review.

  3. aha i looooooove the shade! Would've loved to see a lip swatch as well :)

  4. Love the shade ! so so pretty :D
    xoxo <3

  5. this is one of my favourite colors in the lipstick refills collection. And this would look gorgeous on you I bet!!

  6. Wat shades do u prefer Radha ?? I think u can rock this orange :)

  7. Yea Sad I am unable to own it :( Thank u yar :)

  8. Haha :P Mayb will do a LOTD post on fav lip colors :)

  9. Hehe u r always so sweet :* I knw u and ur luv for oranges :D

  10. wow ............. awsom hot red shade :)

  11. It is orange with red undertones :)



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